Model Project Rathausblock

For the EXPERIMENTDAYS_relaunch, this location is an expression of hope regarding common good housing and urban development. Since 2014, citizen initiatives have been working together with the District and the City government with its real estate and housing companies. These cooperations prevented the block from being privatized and led to the federal government transferring the property to Berlin. This model of involving the neighborhood in significant, sustainable building renovations as well as new construction will among other things provide job and cultural opportunities, social services and affordable new homes for hundreds in the coming years. The Rathausblock is a source of inspiration and a place to get involved!

The Model Project Rathausblock is one of the few larger districts in Berlin’s downtown currently being developed – and – offering hope for social-ecological transformations including spaces for community housing as well as meetings and events. Also known as the Dragonerareal with a number of 19th Century historical buildings, this location is a sleeping giant, only really known for the attractions on its edges: LPG organic foods, Club Gretchen, Curry-Wurst SO36 and Mustafas Veggie-Kebab as well as the District of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg City Hall (Rathaus). 

Links for further information:

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