In cooperation with numerous projects, initiatives and networks, experts and activists, to mediate and bring together.

Exchange among those who are looking for a flat or a project and those who initiate, promote and develop housing projects, manage them in the long term and secure them.

Increase awareness of such strategies and initiatives as broadly as possible in the urban population.


In recent years, Berlin has become a different city before our eyes…The world is changing as well… Now we have to deal with housing and climate crises and have to reorganize and network accordingly. Let’s challenge each other! How do we continue to build and renew housing and neighborhoods, not only innovatively, but in ways that are as just and equitable as possible?

7-11/11 2023
Model Project Rathausblock
Kiezraum_ Kreuzberg_ Berlin

Coordinated by id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability

The EXPERIMENTDAYS were first organized by id22 in 2003! In the Archive, you can find more information about previous EXPERIMENTDAYS, including their locations, projects and topics.