Michael A. LaFond

is co-producing the EXDAYS with ID22 and many partners since 2003. Michael is convinced that cooperative and community-led housing models represent significant potential for helping us humans with our necessary social-ecological transformations. He is working with ID22 since co-founding it in 2003: supporting and developing non-speculative, common good approaches to housing and urban development.

Giulia Carones

has gained experience of the diverse landscape of non-speculative housing through her work at ID22 since 2018, which motivates her commitment to inclusive city making.

Elisa Sophia Prašelj Braun

is trained as an architect and worked as a scenographer for the last few years. She joined ID22 in the spring of 2023 and has been exploring the spheres of alternative living concepts and ideas ever since. For ID22, Sophia communicates, organises, collaborates and designs concepts, including the program for the EXDAYS.relaunch. The exchange and contact with various organisations and projects are an important component for new visions for her.

Cooper Emmott

is interning at ID22 as an urban planning and sustainability student to help with communications, writing, social media and logistics for the EXPERIMENTDAYS_relaunch. Cooper is interested in cities as ways to address sustainability challenges, knowing that cities both create and provide solutions to these challenges.

Vasylysa Shchogoleva

Has created visual languages for the ID22 publications as well as for the EXPERIMENTDAYS_relaunch and the EXPERIMENTDAYS17-ECHH. By combining her architectural background with her artistic skills, Vasy works to make complex topics understandable for readers. She builds bridges between different groups such as users, planners and decision-makers.

Olivier Haustrate

Has been working as a freelance project manager for non-profit organisations in the cultural sector for more than 20 years. For the past 5 years, Olivier has been working specifically with Temple Grandin School to support education for sustainable development, teaching upcycling to children aged 6-16.  He has been working with ID22 since 2008. For the last 7 years mainly as a webmaster taking care of web development, hosting and maintenance.